Breast Pad

Breast Pad


Mininor breast pads are the thinnest and most absorbent!

They are available in both black and white.


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Mininor breast pads have 4 advantages:

  1. Ultra absorbent core which traps the milk keeping the skin dry and protects the clothes from getting stained. The extra high absorbancy makes the breast pads suitable for both day and night use.
  2. Ultra thin breast pad (0,8 mm). We have made it ultra thin without compromising on the absorbancy. You will feel a noticeable difference from many other breast pads. Fits discretely under even tight fitting clothes. The breast pads are packed so they are ready to use without irritating folds.
  3. Extra soft lining made from non-woven helps keep the surface dry while preventing the breast pad from sticking to the nipple.
  4. Available in both black and white, so the breast pads fit discretely under both light ad dark clothes .

Content: 24 pcs