Ear Thermometer

Ear Thermometer


The ear thermometer by Mininor is suitable for newborns due to its wide-angle probe. It allows you to quickly and easily measure your little one’s temperature. The thermometer’s large display with night light makes it easy and convenient to use it in night-time environment.

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The large display is easy to read. In addition to the temperature readout, an LED will indicate by color if the temperature is high fever (38-42,9°C), low fever (37,4-37,9°C) or normal [32-37,3°C). The LED will flash green for normal, orange for low fever and red for high fever.

Ear thermometer function

The measurement is instant (less than one second) and accurate (±0,2°C).
The thermometer is digital and remembers the last 35 readings. Thereby, you can easily keep track of the development in your child’s temperature.

Non-contact thermometer

This is not only an ear thermometer. Put on the hood and the thermometer becomes a non-contact thermometer.
In this mode the temperature can be measured on the baby forehead.
This is especially useful for monitoring the baby’s temperature while it is sleeping.
PLEASE NOTE: The measured temperature on the forehead can be 0,5°C lower than your actual body temperature.

Object/room thermometerer as well

Press and hold the M-button for 3 seconds while the hood is on and the thermometer turns into a room/object thermometer.
This is useful for measuring how warm food and drinks are before serving them.

The thermometer will auto-poweroff after about 10 seconds to preserve battery.
The thermometer supports °C and °F.
The ear thermometer requires 2x AAA batteries (these are included).