Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump

Mini Chargeable Electric Breast Pump


Mininor electric breast pump for mothers who need to pump out excess milk for later use or to stimulate milk production.

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The breast pump is easy to use.
Press and hold the power button to turn on the pump.
Short-press the power button to switch between stimulation and pumping mode.
Press plus or minus to adjust the suction power.
Press and hold the power button to turn off.
The pump has two functions – stimulation and pumping, with 6 and 9 strength levels, respectively.
It is recommended to start with small short and quick suctions, to activate and stimulate the downflow reflex in the breast. When the milk starts flowing, you switch to pumping and regulate the speed and suction power corresponding to the natural breastfeeding of the baby.


It can be used as a double or a single pump.
Two collection sets are included in the set, but the pump can also be used as a single pump.


The pump is small, compact (ΓΈ9.5 cm x 3.5 cm) and light (175g).
It has a built-in 1200mAH lithium battery which gives up to 2 hours of use after just 40 minutes of charging.

Included in the package:

Compact electric breast pump with built-in lithium battery.
2 funnels incl. dust covers, silicone inserts, pump diaphragms, lids, milk valves.
2 pcs. 160 ml bottles incl. screw rings, caps and nipples.
2 bottle stands.
Adapter and USB cord.