Nail Clipper

Nail Clipper


Mininor nails clipper and file is designed to safely cut the baby’s nails and prevent the baby from getting scratch marks in it face.



An infants nails are soft cutting them may not be needed but as they grow their nails will harden and will soon require cutting like an adults.
The Mininor nail clipper is extra small to fit the baby fingers and has a soft handle which provides a good grip.
After cutting the nails they may sharp edges and since the baby is discovering the world (including its own face) and doesn’t have full control of it motor skills, we have included a file to make the nails smooth and rounded.
Tip: Cutting the nails after giving the baby a bath may be easier as the nails are softer. Alternatively, cutting the baby while it is sleeping is often much easier.


Blade: Stainless steel

Handle: ABS

Cleaning: Rinse in lukewarm water and dry well.

Warning: Store the scissors outside of the reach of children.