Oval Pacifier Silicone 6m Red

Oval Pacifier Silicone 6m Red


The oval pacifier by Mininor is breathable and ensures that your little one’s delicate skin is kept dry underneath the pacifier. Thereby, the oval pacifier minimizes the risk of your baby’s skin getting damaged.

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Babies are born with a strong sucking reflex and the need to suck is completely natural. This need continues the first years, even after it is no longer breast- or bottle fed. The soother fulfills a need and soothes and provides a sense of safety.

It is preferred that the baby suck on a soother than or their thumb as the pressure from the thumb is harder and more persistent. Later, a soother can be removed from the baby, wheras the thumb is a bit harder to remove from the baby.

If you wish to have your baby’s name on the soother you can order the Mininor soothers with name on: www.navnesutten.dk

Complies with EN 1400



Shield: Polypropylene (PP)

Nipple: Silicone