Plastic Bottle 240ml 0m+

Plastic Bottle 240ml 0m+


Easy to hold light PP bottle form Mininor. The nipples have anti-colic air valves reducing the air intake.

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At Mininor we have made some rational choices:

  1. We do not want to sell bottles smaller than 240 ml. We do not want to sell you a bottle which become too smal and thereby obsolete within a few months. Since most parent who start bottle feeding don’t stop after just one month, you will eventually need a bigger bottle and since the plastic bottles are so light you won’t notice the difference.
  2. We don’t want you to throw away any nipples, so all our 4 sizes of nipples can be purchased with a bottle. That way you will never throw away an unused nipples you had to buy because it was the only one available on a bottle.

Before using the please wash it and sterilise it.

Microwave oven, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Nipple (0m+) included.


Bottle, hood, cap: Polypropylene

Nipple: Medical silicone