Toothbrush Set

Toothbrush Set


It is important to brush your teeth regularly and keep them clean!

Give your child the gift of healthy tooth brushing habits.
With the toothbrush set from Mininor you can start when the baby starts teething.




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MININOR 3-piece toothbrush set

Teach your child to brush their teeth and start before they get their teeth.

Step 1
This brush can be held by the baby and is used to massage the sore gums in relation to teething. Attach the shield and it will prevent the baby from sticking the toothbrush too far into the mouth.

Step 2
This brush has soft spikes that can brush the first teeth as well as being able to massage sore gums, without the discomfort that comes from biting a regular nylon brush.

Step 3

This regular toothbrush can be used from the baby is about one year old, which should be around the time the baby has all its first teeth. The brush head is small, making moving the brush around easier.

Risnse all brushes before each use. Step 1 and 2 can be sterilized. The step 3 brush cannot be sterilized as the nylon cannot withstand temperatures above 80 degrees C.
Hard: Polypropylene
Soft parts: TPE
Brush hairs: Nylon
Warning: The product should be used under adult supervision